Flute Celebration Day

Thanks to everyone who made Flute Celebration Day 2019 such a great success!

Our 2020 Event is currently being planned - check back in the spring for more details when we release our full season announcement.

2019 Recitals

Recital #1 - Flute Chamber Music featuring the Flute Sections of Local Ensembles



A New Beginning - Phyllis Avidan Louke

Members of the Ah Tempo Flute Choir

Caren Klosterman, Kayla Smith, Julia Goldstein, Anne Marlantes, and Heidi Pelton


Flutes in the Garden - Gary Schocker

Members of the Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra

Claire Wei, Jasmine Lin, and Sienna Hwang 


Trio Brillant; mvt. 3, Rondo-Vivace - Kaspar Kummer

Syrinx en resonance - Francois Narboni

Tableaux Feeriques; mvt. IV, La danse des fees - Dimitri Tchesnokov 

Members of the Seattle Symphony Flute Section

Judy Kriewall, Jeffrey Barker, and Zart Dombourian-Eby


Dance of the Hours - Amilcare Ponchiielli

Members of the Jolly-Jones Duo

Stephanie Kolokotroni-Jones and Elizabeth Jolly


Trio QV 3:3.2; Adagio-Vivace-Largo-Allegro - Johann Joachim Quantz

 Members of Flûtes-en-Bois

Joshua Malison, Miguel Rodé, and Nayoung Ham 

SFS Coordinator: Kristine Rominski, seattleflute.membership@gmail.com

Recital #2 - Contemporary Flute Music by Pacific Northwest Composers



Four Pieces - Steven Luksan

Cassie Lear, flute and Steven Luksan, piano


Echoes of the Ancients - Sarah Bassingthwaighte

Brett Bobolts, Jackie Berg, Allison Indyk, and Jessica Mendoza, flutes


Live Composition

Leanna Keith, flute, electronics


The Moon and Sun are Eternal Travelers - Jarrad Powell

Brett Bobolts, flute


Bittersweet Music III - Bun-Ching Lam

Paul Taub, bass flute


Winters Ago; Poeira de Carvão; Chorango - Stuart Zobel; Naoyuki Sawada

Kristine Rominski, flute; Brandi Ledford, vibraphone;

Naoyuki Sawada, mandolin and cavaquinho; Stuart Zobel, 7-string guitar

SFS Coordinator: Cassie Lear, seattleflute.horsfall@gmail.com