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Paul Taub Young Artist Competition

2023 Paul Taub Young Artist Competition 
Saturday, April 22, 2023

1st Place $1000 | 2nd Place $500 | 3rd Place $250 

The Seattle Flute Society is pleased to announce the 11th Annual Paul Taub Young Artist Competition, which honors the memory of SFS luminary Paul Taub. The final round of the 2023 competition will take place on April 22, 2023 as a part of the 2023 Seattle Flute Festival (Guest Artist: Seth Morris).

Read the complete rules here.

Then, click here to apply!

Please contact Sungwoo Kim at with any questions or concerns.

Past Winners


1st Place: William Yeh

2nd Place: Daniel Fletcher

3rd Place: You Yang


1st Place: Susan Kang

2nd Place: Yidi Song

3rd Place: Allison DeFrancesco


1st Place: Yi Xiang

2nd Place: Jungah Yoon

3rd Place: Joyce Lee



1st Place: Won Lee

2nd Place: Charles Gibb

3rd Place: Ann Green


1st Place: Min Ha Kim

2nd Place: Ryan Foley

3rd Place: Douglas DeVries



1st Place: Cassie Lear
2nd Place: Vivian Lee

3rd Place: Joyce Lee


1st Place: Jeiran Hasan

2nd Place: Evan Pengra Sult

3rd Place: Benton Gordon


1st Place: Colleen McElroy

2nd Place: Raoul Cho


1st Place: Yerim Choi
2nd Place: Min Hee Kim

3rd Place: Joshua Romatowksi


1st Place: Julian Rose

2nd Place: Jodie Rottle

3rd Place: Cassie Lear

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